Monday, March 23, 2015

Aspirations of Saint Euphrasia

Aspirations of Saint Euphrasia
1.       My good Jesus, do in me anything as you please.
2.       My Holy Redeemer, whenever you are rejected in human hearts,come and dwell in my heart.
3.       O! My loving Lord, when can I see that Holy Face more shining thanthe sun and those most beautiful eyes setting the heart ablaze withlove by a single glance!
4.       My Redeemer, give me also a share of your Passion.
5.       I praise and glorify the Mother of God, Immaculate Virgin Mary asthe Queen of the three worlds.
6.       Queen of Heaven, do not forsake me until I come and join you inheaven.
7.       Jesus, most worthy of love, most sweet Jesus, lonely Jesus, let myheart be a lamp burning brightly for you.
8.       Eternal Father, I offer you myself as a holocaust of love in orderthat your holy will and desire be perfectly fulfilled in all things.
9.       Holy Mother, give me a big heart, that I may love Jesus in every way.

Gems of Saint  Euphrasia’s Thoughts
1.       My only solace is to be with my Jesus.
2.       The day without suffering for our Lord seems as nothing.
3.       What fortune is there, more than suffering for the Lord!
4.       O! My Holy Redeemer, your will is enough for me.
5.       The only consolation to my heart is to gaze at the Crucified Lord andthe Holy Mother, pray and shed tears.
6.       The day without meditation is like nothing done.
7.       The strength to endure and suffer, I receive from Holy Communion.
8.       I am ready to endure any affliction or suffering for the sake of myloving Saviour.

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